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access and pw mgt

Discussion in ''How do I' Questions' started by Esmaralda Bryant, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. How to reduce the risk of security breaches? Do you think by adding access and password management solution will be of great help address this concern? Thanks.
  2. IceandCream

    IceandCream New Member

    When your sensitive data is already at stake, security controls can help in reducing data breaches because one cause of risk is a poor password. A system that manages password can help automate the process and can relieve the burden of any risk. It can also help to keep your data secure.
  3. I am exactly pointing this out to our boss. I told him that we cannot allow any intruders again to invade our system. So, I made a move to find systems that can help save our company from those s****. Although, I already have one in mind, I am still looking for a better system. Just hopes someone will help me find a system before my boss freaks out when *** happens! LOL

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