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Discussion in 'Issues or Bugs' started by christinaperrivp, Jun 3, 2017.

  1. christinaperrivp

    christinaperrivp New Member

    Hi companions, I have an issue identified with Acer Laptop, I need to interface my Acer Laptop with my telephone to print a few pages, when I attempting to hunt Acer Laptop "Bluetooth" then it demonstrates a mistake "no Bluetooth gadgets is active".I sought on the wherever in google and I discovered some Acer Laptop bolster site and make a call without toll acer customer support number 0800465740.They instructed me to come at acer laptop support center.So, if anyone have a proposal identified with my issue, please recommend me.
  2. TilluRD

    TilluRD New Member

    Hello Mr.Christinaperrivp

    I am sharing my well-known information with you to resolve the Bluetooth Issue on your Acer Laptop. First, you should know why the problem is occurring and why?

    Here is the solution for your Issue. The problem is because of the outdated Bluetooth drivers only. You can resolve the Issue by downloading the new drivers or re-install the drivers. My better suggestion to you download the new updated Bluetooth drivers to simply resolve the issue.
  3. Melisa

    Melisa New Member

  4. lytong

    lytong New Member

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