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Magento 2 Gift Card

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by huynhtroc, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. huynhtroc

    huynhtroc New Member

    Why choose Magento 2 Gift card?
    No more meaningful present than the one which is made by You Your customers are free to choose the best gift when Magecheckout Gift card for Magento 2 provides about 300 gift card templates with different topics such as New Year, Valentine, Christmas, and so on. If the available images are not the great idea for a surprising gift, they will upload personal pictures possibly by dragging and dropping the needed files. Here are reason why people choose Gift card?

    • 71% intend to purchase at least one gift card from an online website or mobile website/app this holiday season, while 74% agree that they are likely to purchase at least one digital gift card
    • 85% of respondents between 18-35 agree that they’re likely to purchase at least one digital gift card this holiday season
    • Of those who intend to purchase gift cards from online websites or mobile websites/apps this holiday season, nearly 20% plan to purchase 5 or more gift cards; 73% between 2-5
    • Nearly 90% of respondents between 18-35 agree that they are more interested in purchasing digital gift cards now than they were two to three years ago
    • 77% of respondents between 18-35 prefer to have a digital gift card scanned from their phone rather than carry an email printout
    • 53% of total respondents, and 79% of those between 18-35, are interested in storing and using gift cards on their phones
    • 55% of total respondents, 79% of those between 18-35, agree that they’re interested in storing digital gift cards on their phone for self-use
    • Nearly 23% of those who have purchased gift cards from online websites or mobile websites/apps purchase 5-10 cards annually
    Gift message
    Magento Gift Card extension allows leaving a piece of message to be displayed on the gift card. The customers will write the best wishes manually to recipients before adding to cart. It is the right time to say that The most important of my life is you. Especially, the buyer can preview gift card before purchasing to ensure that all of the gift card information are in line with your expectation.

    Gift card templates
    With eye-catching images, customers have a great chance to select the most beautiful card and send it to their lovers. The Gift Card templates will be shown instantly by one-click.

    Flexible Rule conditions
    The usage contains conditions about shopping cart rule and catalog rule, all of which is required separately for the certain gift card. Only when meeting these conditions, customer is able to use the card for his aim as paying order. It’s so awesome!

    Gift card credit
    In Gift Card Credit, the user will track the current account balance as well as all of the transactions they create related to the gift card. Moreover, they can redeem the used gift card but the function only approves for the incompleted order. Thanks to the Gift Card Credit, there is no risk of losing money. Separately for the orders applying many gift card codes, store admin takes responsive to set the priority whether the gift card or other values get refunded first and restrict the mess during the processing.

    What does the cheap in sale mean?
    In order to promote more purchases, you will give the clients a discount amount, that means they can buy your gift card products with the lower price. For example, just pay $90 for gift card valid $100.

    Schedule delivery time and date
    Customers are totally active when scheduling the delivery The Delivery Date and Time field is designed on Gift Card product page where your clients will insert the relevant time to give the fantastic present to their lovers. From now, each gift from Gift Card extension is the perfect result of the highest customer satisfaction.

    Giving gift regardless of distance
    With this module, the gift can be sent via email (online) or post-office (offline) even both of them, that is corresponding to 3 types of gift card: Virtual, Physical and Combined.

    The smartest payment method
    Not only as a beautiful card, it is always ready to pay for any online order your customers need by gift card code. The code will define the value as well as the affordability of gift card for an order. However, this series of numbers will be encoded by word X due to the security while only the owner is able to see its fullness if you configure from Magento Admin.

    There is no risk of managing a huge number of gift cards Buyers can view the status of purchased gift cards (active / inactive) and know when they will be expired, then having a proper plan to use the gift cards accordingly.

    Other features
    • Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste
    • Friendly and flexible configuration
    • Support multiple languages, multiple stores
    • Open-source code
    Magento 2 Gift card / gift voucher / gift certificates FAQ
    Q: How is Gift Card / gift voucher supported for offline payment?
    Your customers can use gift card as payment method for online and offline order. With the offline order, only need to give gift code or print it out as normal gift voucher. It is so convenient, right?

    Q: How to change Gift Card layout?
    Gift Card layout will be chosen instantly on the frontend by CMS Static Block, so you will see the change easily and quickly

    Q: How many gift card codes can I apply for my order?
    There is no limit for that. Your customers are allowed to add multiple codes as they have. In addition, the remove is so easy to implement.

    Q: What should I do if my gift code is stolen?
    Don’t worry about that! The gift code is secured tightly by replacing the part of code by X symbol.

    Q: Can I offer an expiration for any gift card / gift certificates?
    Of course, let set that in Magento Admin

    Q: How many gift codes can I generate at the same time?
    The minimum number of gift codes you can generate at once is 10 and the maximum is unlimited, Therefore please feel free to issue gift card codes in bulk.
  2. huynhtroc

    huynhtroc New Member

  3. salenaadam

    salenaadam Member

    Magento 2 Gift Card extension helps your shoppers get the most fantastic presents for their friends, family members, and colleagues.
  4. zentozen

    zentozen New Member

    I also appreciate this extension highly. And my customers appreciate me for this opportunity;)

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