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What are the benefits of Sitemap in site?

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Raj Sharma, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Raj Sharma

    Raj Sharma Member

    What are the benefits of Sitemap in site?
  2. albertocosta

    albertocosta New Member

    Sitemaps will help to crawl your website easily by search engines. It will reduce the bounce rate of a website.
  3. ameliadavies

    ameliadavies New Member

    Site map will provide a list of web pages in the website that will be accessible to crawlers of the search engines. It is important because it will tell the search engines about the content present in the website and how often it is updated.
  4. Sumit_Singh

    Sumit_Singh New Member

    There are different types of Sitemap we can use in our website but XML sitemap was recommended because it is accessible by crawlers for better crawling.
    It is a list of pages URL in a hierarchical manner so it would help the crawlers for easy crawling and make your all web pages indexed.
    Now it is not necessary to have a sitemap in the website but if you have one so it is good.
  5. Raj Sharma

    Raj Sharma Member

    Thanks to all.

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