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Dutch Footballer Daley Blind Rejected by A.S. Roma

Discussion in 'Share your stuff' started by kimkam soon, Feb 6, 2018.

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    Daley Blind’s deal with A.S. Roma was relinquished by the Italian football club. The club’s technical director, Monchi, simply stated that the Dutch midfielder register m88 of Manchester United was not suited for A.S. Roma.

    The 27-year-old has only been featured 15 times from Manchester United thus far in the season, and only 5 appearances for Premier League.

    Monchi also reasoned that the move was not financially feasible for the team. The team’s goal was to replace left-back Emerson Palmieri’s position since the player is now a Chelsea player.

    Roma decided on Argentinian left-back Jonathan Silva and has always been the team’s first preference over Daley Blind.

    Blind was only offered w88 promotion to Roma a few days before deciding on Silva.

    Monchi states that the Dutch player wasn’t the right fit for the team because of online baccarat malaysia and that from an economic point of view, taking Silva on loan for the left-back position was the more viable move to make.

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