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Explore the Nightlife in the Philippines!

Discussion in 'Share your stuff' started by kimkam soon, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. kimkam soon

    kimkam soon Member


    There are several things to do when traveling to a new place. Finding where to eat, where to shop and what to explore can be a lot to handle especially if it was a last minute trip.

    Exploring a new place can be fun, entertaining and even dangerously thrilling on most part. Sometimes this includes risqué activities like exploring the night life and party scene in some places.

    If you’re a foreigner and want to experience a great night outside of Manila, then Angeles City in Pampanga is one the places to visit in Philippines. Angeles is located w88 kilometers north of Manila.

    The best time to visit would be from January to February the cool weather is still present and not so crowded since it is post-Christmas season.

    What is there to do in Angeles City?

    Angeles City’s mansion88 selling point will have to be the impeccable night life. It’s one of the nearby places to visit in Manila compare to online w88 bonus hat expats constantly visit. It has a growing club scene dubbed as one of the most popular in Asia for its daring and sex positive atmosphere similar to Pattaya, Thailand. Your Philippines vacation won’t definitely complete without it.

    Getting there from Manila itself is doable with a 3 hour and 56 minute drive. The great thing about Angeles’ night life is that majority of the best bars and clubs are found in one area called Fields Avenue.
  2. I once visited Angeles City, what I enjoyed most are their the Sandbox fun adventure (not nightlife but worth your energy) :) and the casino in Fontana (tho not a big player) :)

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