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Explore the Philippine Islands – Davao City

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    The Mindanao’s largest city, Davao can be any retiree’s perfect place for long term m88 settlement. It is considered the largest city in the country, with its wide acre of land and progressive economic development. It’s the Durian Capital of the Philippines!

    I have never been there, but most my friends are—and whenever school semesters are over they usually tell me they can’t wait to get home to Davao. Now I know why.

    Davao has one of the most productive city there is in the country, with its accessible local trading services, commerce, and industry hubs, all you have to do is register w88 .

    Situated right in the middle of the Davao Gulf, Samal provides a tranquil and magnificent view of the gulf at all points and directions.

    Here's the top 3 list of must-see resorts in the island and surrounding places in Davao region.

    1. Pearl Farm Beach

    2. Isla Reta

    3. Costa Marina Resort

    Davao is also described as one of the safest cities in the country with its firm security and safety policies. But a recent situation has occurred there in the early months of 2017, specifically in Marawi City where a terrorist crisis happened and people try to avoid online m88 sports malaysia. It’s still a good place to settle, hopefully, once the siege comes to an end—which we all hope for.

    Source: M88 Live

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