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fashion app development

Discussion in 'Show off your website!' started by sakshi, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. sakshi

    sakshi New Member

    Fashion App Development
    Hey there, Good Lookin’! SDI is a trend-setting fashion app development company. We make apps for Android and iOS that showcase your style. We’ve worked with fashion magazines and designers from New York to Paris.
    Whether you are looking for a simple app to help promote your fashion brand online or you want to make some money of your killer style with mCommerce, SDI is the partner you want!
    Call +1.408.802.2885 or email team@sdi.la today to get started on your new fashion related app.
  2. owlowl159

    owlowl159 New Member

    I will transfer this information to a friend) I hope it will be useful)
    She is fond of fashion!
    myhr cvs
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  3. What is your website?
  4. bella

    bella New Member

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  5. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    The site seems as https://sdi.la, according to the email address.
    They seems like a freelance company offering custom service for design, marketing and sales??

  6. WilliamNBrown

    WilliamNBrown New Member

    I will exchange this data to a companion) I trust it will be helpful)

    She is enamored with design!
  7. GladysRMurphy

    GladysRMurphy New Member

    truly you can share your site we will share this data to frnds :)

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