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How much did the Song-Song couple's wedding cost?

Discussion in 'Share your stuff' started by kimkam soon, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. kimkam soon

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    With Song Joong Ki - Song Hye Kyo's wedding being a hot issue; media outlets in Korea have taken a closer look at the lavish ceremony, more specifically the hefty expenses.

    Just how much did it all cost? As many are aware wedding ceremonies can be very expensive, from sending out wedding invitations, catering, wardrobe, venue location, and more. Here's an extensive breakdown.

    Seoul's Shilla Hotel reception hall is ideal for small weddings. The couple had hoped for a private ceremony as they prepared 150 deposit m88. Despite the small venue, the expenses were on a much grander scale. One would need at least 70 million KRW ($63,000) to w88 promotion hold a wedding at this venue.

    For starters, the star couple prepared an extravagant banquet for their guests, including fancy meals/side dishes like assorted vegetables, noodles, Tapioca pearl persimmon puree, beef drizzled in black bean sauce, and much more. The total cost was around 200,0000 KRW-300,000 KRW (register w88) per guest.

    Onto the expensive bouquet, the bride walked down the aisle holding a bouquet made of May Lillies. The flowers are said to be a rare find in Korea and had to be specially imported as they bloom only at specific times of the year. Song Hye Kyo's bouquet is said to have cost a hefty price tag of 10 million KRW ($9,000) and was a gift from her friend.

    The friend shared a photo of the florals via social media. "Hye Kyo's bouquet was created by me! I prepared the special flowers for my dear friend's precious day with all my heart. I feel so happy and truly honored to be a part of this lovely event."

    Now for the wardrobe. Both Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo wore luxury brand, Christian Dior. Flower arrangements decorated throughout the hall ranged up to 50-80 million KRW ($45,000 to $72,000). Tallying up the total wedding expenses to an estimated 200 million KRW ($180,000).

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