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Mega Menu for website

Discussion in 'Show off your website!' started by hehe, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. hehe

    hehe New Member

    You have the power to direct visitors to where you want - and you can always do that with Magento 2 Mega Menu
    • Support Horizontal and Vertical Menu with most popular effects: Fade, slide, toggle
    • Customizing menu styles is easy as pie: changing width, color, icon or even position
    • Get rid of turtle-like site speed
    • Mobile responsive
    • Style your own mega menu without editing css file
    Assuming you are building (or already have) an e-commerce site with numerous products. You had a hard time organizing all customers' options and it turned out a mess with too many products or categories in your menus. And you are looking for a Mega Menu module that:

    • - Helps you show every options at a glance
    • - Organizes all products and categories effectively
    • - Captures visitors' attention at first sight with great design
    • - Are responsive with mobiles
    • - Are easy to use even without coding skills
    Then Mega Menu Magento 2 (a.k.a Magento 2 Navigation Menu) is your solution to create the best sitemap right on the main navigation.

    + Create stunning navigation menu with either top menu, left menu or both

    It depends on your web-store themes that you may want to create a horizontal or vertical menu (or both of them in one single page!).Magento 2 Mega Menu does help you to create it easily.
    All elements of navigation menu are editable: Header Content, Main Content, Featured Content or Footer Content regardless your chosen menu layout.
    + Show off your products and categories with multiple menu effects and customizable contents

    When adding a menu item, it is flexible for you to pick one of 7 submenu types, which are Anchor Text, Static Category Listing, Dynamic Category Listing, Default Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid and Content.
    With Category Listing, Magento 2 Mega Menu allows you to show up to 3 levels of category in menu.
    You have various options of effects, including Fade, Slide and Toggle. For example, when Customers hover over a Menu item, a list of your products will be displayed. This feature makes your Magento 2 navigation menu more lively and professional.
    + Mobile-responsive navigation menu

    The whole world is moving towards mobile, you will never want to be behind this trend, won't you? Magestore Mega Menu enables setting up your own mobile menu type in configurations. Incredibly, you can choose your own breakpoint in backend to control the viewport width at which the menu will be changed to mobile version.

    While many other Magento 2 Mega Menu extensions interact with database directly, thus slowing your site, Magestore's Mega Menu uses generated HTML code of your menu, so it wouldn't affect your site performance. You can easily enable, disable cache right in mega menu management page when editing menu items for convenient frontend preview.
    In addition, you can chekc out other Magento extensions for your ecommerce store such as Magento 2 gift card , Magento 2 social login, Magento 2 Store Credit, Magento Reward Points, Magento 2 Banner slider, magestore Magento 2 Modules, Magento module

    I have great experience with Magento Affiliate by Magestore . Certainly recommend to all the merchants looking to increase their sales and try their hands with Magento Affiliate Module. Magento Plugin Development service is also extremely detailed. The support was fantastic, they made sure all my questions were answered helped me with the installation.
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  2. arjupraja1

    arjupraja1 New Member

    Awesome Post... Its Really an Informative Post.
  3. Rajesh Jhamb

    Rajesh Jhamb New Member

    Thanks for sharing this post. Very informative. Loved it

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