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Microsoft’s new Xbox controller courts gamers with disabilities

Discussion in 'APP talk' started by martinlee123, May 24, 2018.

  1. martinlee123

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    Mike Luckett had been having trouble controlling his Xbox controller. W88 malaysia His diminished finger dexterity after a spinal cord injury meant it was tough to be as quick as he wanted on the toggles and buttons on the game console's controller.

    Luckett, a skilled gamer who has been W88 Withdraw playing pretty much all his life, knew he could be playing more competitively. But since a 2011 motorcycle accident left him with quadriplegia, he has limited mobility in his fingers and has struggled to fully get his game back.

    Luckett is one of the gamers Microsoft aims to serve with its newest Xbox controller – a tool tailored inside and out for gamers with disabilities.

    Players with disabilities, who use gaming as a form of entertainment but also as a way to interact and connect with others, have been cobbling together options for non-traditional controls for years. Xbox wanted to make it easier for players and caretakers to play, without intense mechanical building. That's where the Xbox Adaptive Controller comes in.

    Those might be a big, flat easy-to-hit button to trigger different game functions, or a mouthpiece that can control a player's speed through breathing, or maybe a foot pedal for acceleration.

    Microsoft unveiled the Adaptive Controller recently but doesn't have a specific public release date yet, beyond “later this year”. It will cost US$99.99 (RM397.99) when it debuts and be available alongside Xbox consoles in stores and online.

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