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P.S.G. Tumbles Out of Champions League

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by jamiebaloney, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. jamiebaloney

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    PARIS — The excuses are there, the mitigating circumstances and w88 poker tips and tricks the shallow solaces, for those determined to find them.

    Maybe it would all have been different had Neymar been here, and not in Brazil, resting and recovering from surgery on his foot. Maybe he would have been able to inspire Paris Saint-Germain to victory against Real Madrid on home turf, even if he proved unable to do so three weeks ago in hostile territory.

    Maybe if Marco Verratti had been able to control his temper, rather than charging at the German referee Felix Brych, his face bright with fury, simply because he had not been afforded a free kick, P.S.G. might have been able to mount a stirring comeback. A few minutes after Verratti was sent off, after all, Edinson Cavani scored, offering his team a scintilla of hope. With 10 men, that was all it could be; with 11, P.S.G. would have been a more imposing proposition.

    And maybe, most of all, it is all just a matter of luck, anyway. That P.S.G. simply cannot make that final leap onto the grandest stage of all, into the semifinals and final of the Champions League, has become an article of faith. This year will be no different after it was online slot promotion malaysia beaten by Real Madrid on Tuesday, by 2-1 on the night and by 5-2 over two legs.

    But it is worth considering the teams that have stymied P.S.G.’s ambitions along the way. It has been eliminated in the quarterfinals four times in the last six seasons, twice by Barcelona, and once each (narrowly) by Chelsea and Manchester City. The last two years, it has fallen in the round of 16 against Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is hardly being brought to its knees by minnows.

    Indeed, in December, when the pairings for the last 16 of this tournament were confirmed, P.S.G. might have drawn Basel, or F.C. Porto, or Sevilla; had it done so, it would surely be in the quarterfinals today. Instead, it was forced to play the team that has won three of the last 138 bet promotion four Champions League titles, that seems to excel in this competition by sheer force of personality alone. Fortune, once again, was not on P.S.G.’s side.

    But none of that should disguise quite how callow, how dismal, P.S.G.’s elimination was. This is a team that has been constructed, at almost unimaginable cost, to win the Champions League. As its coach, Unai Emery, said Tuesday, losing to Real Madrid is no embarrassment. “It is a team of champions,” he said.

    He did not say that losing like this is, or should be. P.S.G., a team that cost half a billion dollars, did not rage against its fate. It did not hurl all it had at Real’s defense, ending the game breathless and broken, fighting for pride, if nothing else. It simply accepted — as soon as Cristiano Ronaldo scored, as he always does in the Champions League — that, once again, it was going to fall short.

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