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Philippines – Home of Beauty Queens!

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by kimkam soon, Feb 4, 2018.

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    The Philippines has been conquering beauty pageants for quite some time now. Placing as runner ups, finalists or winning the crown altogether are the only options Filipina beauty queens are used to by now comparing to other Asian countries like – online roulette Malaysia. The manner in which Filipinas project themselves have a huge effect on beauty pageants. It’s probably in the way they walk, the aura they project and the genuine advocacies they have for w88 promotion.

    The Filipina beauty is essential in the culture, upbringing and self-awareness rooted in every Filipina who has the privilege of representing the Philippines in the international stage. The following are some of the renowned beauty queens that have competed and won in Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth in the last five years.

    Filipina Pride

    1. Pia Wurtzbach – Miss Universe 2017

    Pia Wurtzbach is by far the most controversial, boldest, crowd pleasing beauty queen in the last few years. Wurtzbach is a Filipina-German beauty queen, stylist, make-up artist and writer who also studied culinary arts before pursuing pageantry.

    Her victory in Miss Universe is deemed the most iconic due to a false announcement of the winner by television host and personality Steve Harvey. Harvey announced Miss Colombia the winner and immediately apologized for saying the wrong name in national television. Since then, Pia Wurtzbach has taken the world by storm through her renowned work in the entertainment industry and several advocacies she represents and stands for.

    2. Megan Young – Miss World 2013

    Megan Young is a Filipina-American actress from the Philippines. Prior to her win, she worked in the entertainment industry as a TV personality, actress and model under the GMA Kapuso Network. She won both Miss World Philippine sand Miss World 2013 beauty pageant titles. Megan is indeed a true definition of beauty, strong personality and never withdraw m88.

    3. Kylie Versoza – Miss International 2016

    Kylie Versoza is a Filipino born beauty queen who won Miss International last 2016. Prior to her pageant fame, she graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor’s Degree at in Business Management. She also worked as a pre-school teacher before pursuing pageantry.

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