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Prestashop Internal links Module – Automatic build internal links for Prestashop

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by xinzuab, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. xinzuab

    xinzuab New Member

    he Internal links Prestashop Module encourages you to spare time on building internal links for Prestashop store. By utilizing the module, Your site is upgraded internal connection that will enhance your site positioning on Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

    Why the module is the best internal external link establishment device:

    Naturally allot links to content watchword depending your characterize catchphrases

    Manufacture internal links inside 1 seconds. Needn't bother with run cronjob.

    Try not to change your Prestashop Database (the comparable module adjusts item portrayal, class depiction, cms … ). You needn't bother with reinforcement your database if utilizing the module.

    Bolster all normal substance in Prestashop: Product long depiction, item short portrayal, class portrayal, make depiction, cms page, module home editorial manager, module blog, module item tab…


    nternal Links are hyperlinks that point to a similar space. It is links that go from one page to various pages on a similar area

    Internal Links are valuable and essential for a few reasons:

    It explores clients on our site.

    It builds up data order for the given site.

    It helps spread connection squeeze (or positioning force) around sites.

    It upgrades SEO. Internet searcher utilizing internal links to know a page that is a hot page. Also, enhance the positioning of the page.

    That is the reason you need to manufacture solid internal links for your Prestashop store. E.g You make links from item long depiction to a classification or to different items. You make links from cms page to classes page. Make links from blog entry to an item … and so on

    You can do a manual by adding links to TinyMCE Editor. Be that as it may, the way will take you a ton of time in the event that you have 100, 1000, 10000 items.

    That is the reason we built up the Prestashop Internal Links Module. The module enables you to manufacture consequently Internal Links by entering "catchphrases" and "links".

    E.g: You have a catchphrase "iPhone 7" and your internal connection: http://your-site domain.com/iphone-7 . By utilizing the Prestashop Internal Links Module, it will help you consequently add the connection to any "iPhone 7" watchword. So the "iPhone 7" will be stay content. In the event that the module found "iPhone 7" in an item portrayal, a blog entry, a class depiction, cms page … It will auto add the internal connect to the word.

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