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Reasons Why Trump Wins the Election?

Discussion in 'Webmasters Talk' started by admin, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Just googled about Trump wins the election and found out an article seems get a good search ranking on Top1

    1. Midwest Math, or Welcome to Our Rust Belt Brexit. I believe Trump is going to focus much of his attention on the four blue states in the rustbelt of the upper Great Lakes – Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
    2. The Last Stand of the Angry White Man. Our male-dominated, 240-year run of the USA is coming to an end. A woman is about to take over! How did this happen?! On our watch! There were warning signs, but we ignored them.
    3. The Hillary Problem. Can we speak honestly, just among ourselves? And before we do, let me state, I actually like Hillary – a lot – and I think she has been given a bad rap she doesn’t deserve.
    4. The Depressed Sanders Vote. Stop fretting about Bernie’s supporters not voting for Clinton – we’re voting for Clinton! The polls already show that more Sanders voters will vote for Hillary this year than the number of Hillary primary voters in ’08 who then voted for Obama.
    5. The Jesse Ventura Effect. Finally, do not discount the electorate’s ability to be mischievous or underestimate how any millions fancy themselves as closet anarchists once they draw the curtain and are all alone in the voting booth.

    How do you guys think?

    I think the reason 2: The Last Stand of the Angry White Man, is a extremely strong point.
    Will Trump make the things that were promised as a candidates come true?
    Like to move factories from China, Japan, Korea and India back to USA?
    Also forbid more illegal labors? Let job chances back to America

    Just wonder can the great America stand the consequence without cheap labors and cheap product, if their wages cannot back to maybe 12 years ago?
  2. IceandCream

    IceandCream New Member

    Well, I guess aside from talking tough he doesn't support abortion and gay marriages. He also believes in people choosing their own religion and that's already freedom for most of the people. Economically wise he's really good so I guess what you cited, he will eventually do it. God bless America!!
  3. Could it be that people is looking for something different? Change perhaps?
  4. annarichart

    annarichart New Member

    I think American people are looking for something different from their previous presidents.
    As i can see, Trump's policies focus on developing people's life in his country, not the life of all people in the world. So most of American voted for him.
  5. salenaadam

    salenaadam Member

    Trump takes office. Donald Trump has defied all expectations from the very start of his presidential campaign more than a year ago. Very few people thought he would actually run, then he did. They thought he wouldn't climb in the polls, then he did.
  6. halksjim

    halksjim New Member

    In most of the place abortion are banned but from my point of view it should not be banned because its women's choice to have a baby or not, it's individual choice.

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