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Smite has introduced a new god to its huge roster in the latest update

Discussion in 'Webmasters Talk' started by mmocs, Jul 3, 2019.

  1. mmocs

    mmocs New Member

    The new Hi-Rez Studios update for their free MOBA Smite game has added the new Norse guardian Jormungandr to the list of great gods. Along with the new deity, this new update introduces skins for other gods and changes to defector systems. Free to play MOBA Smite has introduced a new god to the big list in the latest updates. A new god named Jormungandr, he is the guardian of the snake Norse myth and he is rather unique when compared to other gods from the list.

    Jormungandr has a unique basic attack. The basic attack is a cone breath that gives a small amount of damage to all enemies in the zone. Breath starts to beat quickly, but the flea rate slows down over time if the breath is maintained. Releasing the basic attack button allows the breath to be refilled and for Jormungandr to attack at full speed after a few seconds. Additional attack speed statistics reduce Jormungandr's basic attack cooldown. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Smite Gems at mmocs.com by using the code “MMOCSVIP” for a 3% discount.

    He has cones and AoE attacks, can vomit poisons and can also leave dangerous clouds that endanger enemy gods while also increasing one of his other abilities. The World Serpent, it turns out, had terrible oral hygiene. The footage shows how all this can be arranged to do a lot of deicide. Used effectively, it looks very devastating.

    Jormungandr prepares to enter the world, enlarging as he prepares a devastating attack. After selecting the target area, Jormungandr flew into the air, dived and hit the enemy when his body was then slammed to the ground. He has to travel two more times. When Jormungandr Appears and Soaks during this ability, he knocks the Enemies and with each of them Soaks he leaves a poisonous cloud.

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