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The family that travels together stays together

Discussion in 'Share your stuff' started by Esmaralda Bryant, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. When my kids were still young, my husband and I would make sure that we would either visit the beach or climb the mountain once a month. It was truly fun and teaches my kids some life lessons, too. Now, that they are both working, we put a fund so we can travel (sometimes out of the country) together at least twice or thrice a year. Traveling makes us closer and I just wish to continue on this adventure even when we already have grandkids.

    Do you enjoy traveling? With whom?
  2. Underup

    Underup New Member

    I very well agreed on traveling makes a family closer. Actually, I always make time to travel with my family once a year.
  3. skylark

    skylark New Member

    Yeah, I enjoy traveling to different places. I'm having fun with my kids. It's my way of relaxing and taking some time off from work.
  4. what places have you visited... i'm gathering up ideas for our next itinerary, maybe it could help.
  5. By the way, I just wanted to share this very useful information as I was reading online regarding family travel. I found out that it is a good therapy, not just for couples who are busily working finding balance in work and family life, but for kids too who are stressed with all the school work, peer pressure, and stuff. Having a great family time gives them confidence that they are well supported and well loved. Many information I read from ReGain, an online counseling site, talks about family relationships and how to improve dynamics and mend conflicts within the family.
  6. Since the holiday is coming in a few months, we've decided to start preparing for our next trip. I read on a forum that Brussels and Amsterdam are two of the best places to visit during the season. Will check on this.

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