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The Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Could Cost More Than iPhone X

Discussion in 'Show off your website!' started by martinlee123, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. martinlee123

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    Smartphones with foldable displays are https://www.w88malays.com/ coming to the market, and Samsung intends to claim the “world’s first” title with its Galaxy X foldable smartphone.

    The phone will reportedly register at w88 here sport display panels both on the outside and inside of the phone. The latter will comprise two screen that reveal a massive 7.3-inch OLED display when fully opened. When folded, however, the phone will only measure in at 4.5-inches.

    As groundbreaking as it sounds, analysts are also forecasting that it won’t sell for cheap at launch. Kim Jang-Yeol, head of research at Golden Bridge Investment, said that the possible recommended retail price for the phone would set consumers back US$1850 (~RM7395) without any telco subsidies. That’s about 35% more than what a base iPhone X currently costs.

    Samsung isn’t the only one with plans to release its own foldable smartphone. Apple is also reportedly working on an iPhone with a foldable display, as well as Huawei and OPPO.

    Samsung says it plans to launch the Galaxy X sometime within 2019. Additionally, the company says that it will have working prototypes to show to major US and European carriers, just in time for next year’s CES.
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  2. That 's amazing but it could be very expensive.

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