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Thoughts on Fairphone 2’s Modularity and Unfair Price

Discussion in 'Issues or Bugs' started by kimkam soon, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. kimkam soon

    kimkam soon Member


    The Fairphone 2 is a device unlike what you typically see announced each year. On the verge of modular phones hitting the market with Phonebloks m88 and Project Ara, it is not unexpected to find that other OEMs are coming up with their own visions for modular smartphones. The Fairphone 2 is a brave new attempt at modularity with a noble cause, but is it worth the hefty price? How useful is its modularity?

    The Fairphone w88 mobile main appeal is that its construction process is environmentally friendly, and it also attempts to better the lives of the workers behind the manufacturing. Both are noble causes, as smartphone production (like many other kinds of manufacturing) can have significant ecological impacts in the areas surrounding plants and the world at large through metal depletion, ocean toxicity, and global warming. The smartphone fabrication process sees its fair share of controversy as well, from the creation of components to the final steps on the assembly line. Every year we hear about a fresh Foxconn online baccarat Malaysia, and every year those on the other half of the world forget shortly after.

    Going to the phone itself, the way it is presented on their (admittedly gorgeous) website focuses on two aspects to the exclusion of all else: the aforementioned environmental and social causes, and how the phone is designed and built to lessen those negative impacts.

    This is where the modularity begins: beyond the familiar removable and replaceable battery, many components can be stripped from the phone with varying (but generally low) degrees of effort. Ports and more can be replaced if/when the components break, and there is additional room for upgrades as well. But it is clear that the focus of the phone is in repairability for a number of reasons, mainly recycling and longevity.

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