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To be restricted to the"burning machine" for the first time

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by Mmoak2018, Mar 18, 2019.

  1. Mmoak2018

    Mmoak2018 New Member

    Fu Yuting, deputy director of the game Orange Business Division, stated that since November, Orange has been encouraging online and offline activities, including the"New Maple Valley Outpost" at Taipei and Taichung, along with the collaboration of leading brands. Following the 16th upkeep, the in-game burning machine will be specially opened to assist the participant in the final preparation before the attack of the"Black Sorcerer". In order to thank the MapleStory 2 Mesos players for their support, the player can also go to Sanchuang from now until 21st. The TMS Brave Experiences a passionate atmosphere and offers a number of gifts and an abundance of expertise to the player.

    The event also invited the overseas director of NEXON"New Maple Valley" to take part in the occasion. The participant spent 20 days beating the Dark Sorcerer after the Black Sorcerer articles was launched by South Korea this past year. Players will have the ability to decide on a record to beat against the Dark Sorcerer faster.

    In this largest revision in 14 decades, the"Black Sorcerer" will appear in the entire world of"New Maple Valley", where the match is going to be restricted to the"burning machine" for the first time, so long as it's made in the combustion host. The characters may be instantly new"burning skills", along with the experience worth of 1.5 times to assist the rapid increase, etc., the fundamental ability and magic will also be significantly improved, attacking the general and BOSS monsters increase the damage by 30%, while critical strike The speed and critical strike damage will even increase to 30 percent, along with the practice efficiency will be greatly improved. After case, the participant will have the ability to immigrate the personality in the burning machine to the host that is general to continue the game Official Site.

    Orange emphasizes that the Dark Sorcerer won't be the final chapter. Later on,"New Maple Valley" will have more abundant stories to continue.

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