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What are some fun things to do in Manila?

Discussion in 'Share your stuff' started by paredes sheryl, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. paredes sheryl

    paredes sheryl New Member


    The rise of low-cost carriers had made this world lot smaller and interesting destination closer. The distant island’s north and south have become easily accessible to Manila-dwellers, who are eager to escape the heat of the city to a paradise that can give them a relaxing and exciting affair with nature. Flying is relatively cheap now. But with all the surcharges, taxes, terminal fees, and the cost of land or boat transfers, the trip that is opened at an airport can still be quite heavy on the pocket.

    Foreign travelers aiming for an island getaway in the Philippines most likely find themselves spending a day or two in Manila, whether they like it or not. Many of them are faced with the question: what are the things to do in Manila?

    Well, there’s always Binondo, Intramuros, churches, and museums, of course. But if you’re not interested in doing a mall tour, sampling street food, or getting yourself squished inside the sauna that is the MRT, then heading for the countryside is a good alternative. We love Manila, yes, but when it comes to adventures for the nature-lovers and beach bums — let’s face it — she will break your heart.

    If you’re looking for great Philippines vacation and interesting tourist attractions in Philippines that are just within proximity of the capital, here are some of my recommendations.

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