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What do I love about the Philippines?

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by kimkam soon, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. kimkam soon

    kimkam soon Member

    I love Philippines! No matter where I go, I proudly tell people where I am from. If I get blank stares, I bust out my phone and proceed to show them truly how beautiful my home country is.

    Truthfully, the more I have traveled to other countries and the more I have seen, I realized that there is so much more to love about the Philippines than just its beautiful beaches.


    The friendly smiles, the natural instinct to help anyone in need, or just the sheer happiness seen in regular everyday situations are just a few of the things which I think sets the w88 Philippines apart. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a foreign or a local, one thing is for sure, they would make you feel like you’re part of a one big family. Filipinos are family-oriented; they often tell stories and jokes while having dinner. They are so curious about other countries’ way of living that becomes a natural way of building rapport to foreign people.

    Filipinos have always considered eating as a pleasure. In Philippines’ traditions, a typical m88 meal is just three square meals a day. With snacks in between meals are observed by some. This conveys that every food tasted and savored is well appreciated with delight. It is observed that Filipinos always eat with gusto. A Filipino seen eating with the hands maybe perceived to be a primitive style of eating to the western foreigners but it is not to the locals.

    One of the most famous Filipino dishes lunch is Adobo (Ah-do-bo), an extraordinary Filipino dish in post-Spanish era until today online betting Malaysia . No wonder it reached global restaurants throughout the years, and still finds its way to literally Filipino restaurant’s menu or Carinderia (small eatery).

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