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What is Pay Per Lead?

Discussion in 'Webmasters Talk' started by Ogen Infosystem, Aug 9, 2017.


Pay per lead will

  1. Change the Conventional and present marketing trends.

  2. It boosts uo the SEO industry.

  3. No effect to old conventional marketing models espacially B2B and B2C portals.

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  1. Ogen Infosystem

    Ogen Infosystem New Member

    Hey SEO folks. A new marketing trend is increasing day by day PPL. In which a user only pay to the Digital Marketing company when they develops a lead sucessfully. What are your opinion regarding this new marketing trend and how will it affect the conventional maketing models like B2B and B2C portals.

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  2. albertocosta

    albertocosta New Member

    Pay per Lead is marketing program where advertiser's has only to pay for qualifying leads.
  3. Ogen Infosystem

    Ogen Infosystem New Member

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  4. A type of affiliate marketing program where the advertiser pays the affiliate based on conversion of leads, such as a file or software download, completion of a sign-up form for a newsletter, trial offer sign-up, or other desired action. If a customer follows an affiliate link to the advertiser's site and completes the required action in accordance with the affiliate agreement, the affiliate is paid.
  5. james6785

    james6785 New Member

    Pay per lead is an online advertising payment model which is based on only qualifying leads, Its an agreement pay per lead system where
    the advertiser only pays for leads generated at their site.

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