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    Rockies news and links for April 2 Reggie Jackson Jersey , 2019"g the RocksPebble ReportRockpileRockies Game ThreadsRockies Fan ExperienceRockpileCan the 2019 Rockies turn up the hitting?New,89commentsRockies news and links for April 2, 2019 Can the 2019 Rockies turn up the hitting?Takeaways from Rockies’ latest resounding loss against Rays | Mile High SportsIn Monday’s loss against the Rays, the Rockies got fooled by their bats, who apparently decided not to show up. Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado both hit balls out of the park, but both went foul. The offense hasn’t been able to get anything started early, meaning they’re fighting an uphill battle. The defense was also a bit unlucky, as several hits just slipped by. There’s also the fact that the rotation outside of Kyle Freeland and German Marquez is still something of a question. It may be early days still, but the Rockies need to address the offense and pitching situations in order to find their way in the 2019 season.Rockies announce top minor league player from 2018 season | Mile High SportsThere were many great candidates from 2018 in the running for top player in the minor leagues for the Rockies. However http://www.athleticsfanproshop.com/authentic-khris-davis-jersey , the Doug Million Minor League Player of the Year award for the 2018 season went to pitcher Peter Lambert. With his 3.28 ERA in 26 starts, the 21-year-old did very well in time split between Albuquerque and Hartford. Lambert also made some waves in spring training this season as well. We might well see this young pitcher getting some time with the Rockies before too long. Colorado Rockies: German Marquez on the career-changing Tampa trade | Rox PileOver three years ago, the Rockies obtained German Marquez from Tampa Bay. He says he was a bit nervous about the move at first, but the move has worked out and he’s done very well in Colorado. Returning to Tampa Bay has brought those memories to the front of his mind. He thought he’d be playing for the Rays, but is now one of the top starters for the Rockies. He’s still grateful for the opportunities that the Rays opened up for him when they signed him in 2011. Marquez claims he doesn’t look back very much, instead focusing on improving himself for the future. Rox place Murphy on injured list, recall Valaika | Rockies.comDaniel Murphy’s fractured finger has landed him on the 10-day IL. This has led to the Rockies recalling Pat Valaika, who had some success at first base in spring training. Ryan McMahon can also fill the void, and Mark Reynolds has experience there as well. It’s good news that the Rockies have these options Glenn Hubbard Jersey , but hopefully Murphy’s injury doesn’t keep him out of commission for too long.Kiszla: Here we go again? Rockies plagued by same old balderdash during two bad losses in Miami. | Denver Post ($)There was so much promise for the new Rockies season as they won their first two games and looked solid. However, with the two successive losses in Miami, that optimism is a touch dampened. Nolan Arenado didn’t have much hitting success, they didn’t have the early momentum, and the team as a whole only hit .203. Offense was supposed to be a focus during the offseason, but they still haven’t shown much plate discipline and weren’t much able to advance any runners who did get on base. Although Jon Gray looked more like the promising ace of old, the Rockies can’t rely entirely on pitching to get the job done. The offense needs to come together if the Rockies want another postseason chance. According to Phil Hughes, Derek Jeter was the pettiest gambler.Jeter would go as far as paying off his bets with pennies. "But it wasn't a dollar," says Hughes. "It was a hundred bucks."Former Yankees hurler Phil Hughes joined聽Pardon My Take聽on Wednesday and shared some insight into Derek Jeter’s gambling habits. Per Hughes Rickey Henderson Jersey , Jeter was the pettiest gambler 鈥?often paying off $100 college football bets with pennies.The reason? His burning hatred of losing, which I can actually respect.The full quote:“He had this thing. He liked to do small little wagers every now and then. But he was such a competitor that if he lost, he would pay you in pennies. So it would be like a hundred bucks on something stupid like a college football game that’s going on or something and if he lost, he would literally have a bag of pennies the next day. But it wasn’t a dollar. It was a hundred bucks. It’s a lot of pennies. He probably had to send someone to a bank and do a special request to pay you in pennies.”We all have friends who never pay their bets on time and those who will always want to go double-or-nothing until they get even. And then there are the petty friends, who just have to throw a wrench in when paying 鈥?as a way to almost get the last word in.Winning while losing, if you will.I have a friend like that. After winning a $200 bet we made recently in Las Vegas, he ripped two $100 bills in half and gave me the larger half of each, pocketing the smaller halves with a wry smile.>> Sign up for The Action Network’s daily newsletter to get the smartest conversation delivered into your inbox each morning.Now, for those who don’t know 鈥?the larger half is legal tender. It’s useful to know that if you ever accidentally rip a $20 or get paid from a petty friend.聽However Catfish Hunter Jersey , a lot of places won’t take 51% of a $100 bill 鈥?and let me tell you how dumb I felt trying. (Again, my friend sort of won while losing.)I eventually went to the casino cashier, which I figured would replace my ripped $100 bills. Well, the first lady I spoke to said she couldn’t help me, but the manager overheard my request and gave me two crisp $100 bills.I actually can’t wait to lose a聽bet to him in the future to get my Jeter-esque payback.The lesson? Don’t be a Jeter unless someone “Jeters” you first.

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