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Wrong Description On Search Engines

Discussion in 'Webmasters Talk' started by superjohn4455, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. superjohn4455

    superjohn4455 New Member

    We are trying to solve a problem (but we don't know how the problem was created)...

    when we type a name into some search engines, we come up with the correct url that we are looking for, but the description is totally wrong...Is this a problem with search engine registration, or could it be something done when the web page was created?
  2. Sumit_Singh

    Sumit_Singh Member

    Search Engine especially Google show the relevant information in the search query that the user is looking for and select the description form the webpage content if there is something wrong in meta description tag. So, check your meta tags and resubmit it to the Webmasters Tool
  3. seojesica

    seojesica Member

    I think write unique & revant description for particular pages.

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